Childhood & Education

I grew up in the same village, where I started and successfully completed my primary education at Srirampur Primary school.

After graduating from primary school, in the sixth grade, I was admitted to Borobari Bilateral high school as part of the high school graduation class of 1970. It was at this time that the 9-month wars of liberation began, between the Bangladeshi inhabitants of the territory that became Bangladesh (then known as East Pakistan), and the Pakistani regime which ruled at the time. All schools, colleges and universities were affected by these notorious wars, which forced all students (myself included) to stop our education for one year. During this time the Pakistani army killed 3,200,000 innocent Bangladeshi civilians. After this terrible 9-month conflict, the Indian Army and government finally stepped in to support newly independent Bangladesh. With the leadership of Bangu Bandu Shekh Mujibur Rahman, the whole of East Pakistan was united in the name of freedom. The Bangladeshi people formed the nation of Bangladesh in December of 1971. After this, I started my education in the same school in order to continue my studies through 1972. In 1973 I switched schools, having been admitted to a good school called Shampur Bilateral High School. I successfully graduated high school (10th grade) in June 1976.

After graduation, I was admitted to Govt. Carmichael College for my college degree (12th Grade). After successfully completing this degree in 1978, I was admitted to the Rajshahi University department of statistics for my Honor’s (Undergraduate) Degree in July 1978. After graduation in 1981, I began my Master’s degree in 1982 in Statistics.