Marital Status

On July 4, 1986, I married Masusda Begum Rina in Rangpur city, in Bangladesh. My wife Rina was a science graduate who worked in a private college in Rangpur. I have two daughters, Sunjida Afrin Suchi, the oldest, and Sadia Anjum Atoshi, the youngest. Sunjida graduated in computer science and engineering from AIUB. She lives in the US with my son-in-law, to whom she was married in 2014. Sadia is studying microbiology at the North South University of Bangladesh. Both are very talented students. My wife Rina contributes greatly to the family, and takes great care of our daughters. Due to our careers, my wife and I have not always lived together. That is why she has taken care of our daughters since their birth. I am truly grateful to her for spending so much time with our kids.